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Self publishing: Getting the help you need

by brianac
  Even though self publishing relinquishes all the power to your hands and you can basically control everything but you must understand that you are only one man. That means that there are problems that you need to handle on your own but there are also problems that you need help with. One of the greatest problems is that you need the big bucks at your disposal to print the work. But that is impossible for you because you don’t have the machine. That is why there are great companies out there such as Amazon Kindle who are going to […]

Self-Publishing: how it makes things better

by brianac
Self-Publishing: how it makes things better The struggling author is a stereotype that has been used in many plays and shows but the fact remains that it is a stereotype that is true. There have been many great authors who have been pushed into obscurity because of their lack of the right contacts and that they could not reach the right people in the right moment. But those days are gone now and there are great things happening for people who want to get published the best is that you can forget the idea of running after the publishers and […]