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The New Frontier- The Live Video Broadcasting

by brianac
Live Video Broadcast is the most innovative technology that could help a business expand and grow continuously. For businesses, video broadcasting is a perfect vehicle to communicate with prospective customers located at different places. It also allows you to associate professionals that could provide great help in building a brand. If this is not enough,This Process enables you to provide useful services to your clients irrespective of their location. The Live Video Broadcast technology is generally associated with making customize presentations. The companion tools attached with this technology which allows live communication between the broadcaster and the viewers. Chat box […]

Church Online

by brianac
In the 21 century, there is a whole segment of people that either work on Sunday, shut-in, or has been disenchanted with traditional church.  There is a big opportunity for you to have members all over the world.  They can tune in and give, connect with you in a new and nontraditional way. I have worked with setting up several online churches and they have hundreds of members that have connected and they are called “media members.”  They have weekly bible studies, Sunday morning worship service and they receive discounts on resources produced by those churches. I believe that God […]