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Why get a Nonprofit status

by brianac
In order to take donations and be considered a non-profit you will need a couple things. 1. Is a state Incorporation and the other is what is called a 501 (c) 3 status which you get from the IRS. The benefit is that those that donate will be able to get tax credit for their donation to your company. 501(c) 3 is a not for profit company, that means that you are conducting business to make a profit you are a public service company. If you plan on providing a service to the community or start a church or ministry […]

Christmas Online Shopping with a cause

by brianac
We have been working real hard to finish away todo what I’ve dreamed to do.  For the last 12 years almost full time working on a way to help others and myself at the same time.  There is a term in the business world coined by Robert Kiyosaki called “leverage.” In simple terms it means help others to generate income at the same time it helps you.  Leveraging people is what he and many others do to be successful. Working with churches and non-profits I’ve found that they have a hard time generating funds to operate the business and help […]