Smart ways to receive donations

by brianac

With giving at an almost all time low, being able to do kingdom business you need to come up with ways for your parishioners to make donations.   Traditionally, parishioners would bring either a check or cash to make their donations. With technology meaning Smartphones, receiving donations has become easier.    But know, a church can set up several ways to take donations and they are as follows:

  1. Merchant machines- Through a bank or some type of company that sets up merchant accounts can set up a church with a wireless credit card machine.  The funds go directly into your bank account within 1 to 2 business days.
  2. Mobile card readers- Becoming very popular for retail, but churches are starting to use this means as well.  companies like PayPal, Square and so on have developed through your smartphone a mobile card reader that links through a smartphone or iPad/tablet device.  Your contributions go to them and you must transfer the funds into your account.
  3. Mobile Apps-  There are companies like Givelify that offers an app that your members download to their smart device and they can at any time make donations.
  4. Online Donations- By setting up on your website, you can take donations as well, you must have some type of merchant services in order to receive donations.
  5.   Text Giving- Again using smartphone technology, a church can also receive donations through SMS texting.  You must have a service that offers text donations, but it works really well, specially for the younger generation.
  6. ATM Machine- ATM machines is a way that you can offer to your church that makes it easy for your parishioners to give.  You can even make money by purchasing a machine or partnering with a vending company that will give you a percentage of the discount transaction fee and/or discount rate.


Just to give you a heads up, there are transaction fees and discount rates with all the services, investigate all of them to find one that fits your budget and ministry.  Free machines comes with most of the services, but again it’s going to cost you on the backend, please look at the rates.  You are paying for connivence and that costs, so you may decide not to use any of them.

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