We’ll do all the work
We’ll design a system for your event’s needs. Whether your event has 6 people attending or 60,000+ people, we have a system and solution for your needs. No need to worry about what you should rent or use, we’ll put together a system that will work well to make your event sound professional and run smoothly.

We believe in providing a complete package and will include a sound engineer with nearly all of our systems. What good is a system when there’s no one to run it?
We only have the best equipment
Our brand-name inventory is chock full of the latest and most advanced audio products available. We stock pro speakers, providing the clients with only the top-notch, most advanced speaker systems, which also happen to be the best-sounding speakers in the world.


As an artist or promoter in the entertainment industry, the least of your worries needs to be “will the sound and lighting be adequate?” Our inventory is made especially with you in mind. We have spared no expense in investing in the latest and best-sounding and -looking sound and lighting respectively.
House of Worship
A modern house of worship is more increasingly using advanced sound and lighting not only in special productions but also in their weekly worship services. We assist houses of worship with special productions by providing additional rental equipment such as lights, wireless microphones, speakers and video projection. In addition, our tech staff is there to run the equipment to make sure the event looks and runs professionally. At the same time, our rental and productions departments team up together for sound and lighting systems demoes when a house of worship is considering a more permanent solution. We will demo a system either in a private, non-public setting or for your whole congregation in a special event or weekly worship service. If your church is in need of a more permanent solution, contact us today.
Engage your congregation with the latest in professional sound and lighting.
Our inventory is featured on the biggest national and international tours and festivals. We are excited to be partnered with manufacturers that are as passionate as we are in providing the best in the industry with sound and lighting.
The message and mood are extremely important in a corporate function. Boost your message by adding a creative and professional aspect to the presentation. Not only will you create a lasting, memorable impact on your guests but you will effectively transmit your message and mood to your audience.
Every corporate event differs in its presentation, style and technical requirements. There is no set formula. We can facilitate your event with everything you need to make it run smoothly and to be hassle-free. We can put together a complete audio, video and lighting package that includes all aspects of technical support and complete crew and on site coordination.
Disc Jockeys
Our professional DJ's have over 40 years of experience, have been entertaining with the best clean music for your guests. No party to small or to large we can handle what you need for your special event.
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