Selling products online

by brianac

Selling products online


For very little cost, you can sell a product online that hasn’t been selling well offline.  Once it is set up, it takes virtually no work to maintain and monitor.  Even if you only get a few sales a month, it is money that you wouldn’t have otherwise!

Let me give an example from my own experience. Back before I used the Internet to sell my book(s), “Startup Guide to Be Your Own Boss”. At first, I only sold my book offline at where I was a guest speaker, seminar and webinars.

Be your own boss-3d ebookIt is a book that was not profitable, but because I put it on the Net, it now earns me an income on autopilot each and every month. It’s not a lot of money, but it is icing on the cake. Then, It started generating a wonderful weekly income and growing, because I advertised on my Facebook page, and other social media sites.

The funny thing about it was that most of my sales were generated from the image being on the net and how it was titled. Surfers on the net would be looking for images and because of the keywords it rated high in Google and I got sales from that.

Be prepared to change your advertising concept a little and adapt it to the Internet. On the Internet, though, because there is basically unlimited space, you can really take advantage of images.  In fact, when I advertise in newsgroups, memes, images can drive traffic to your product and you can get sells from it.

This pitch enticed those that are looking for business images to come and check my site out. The philosophy is to give the target market what they want.

If you have a product and would like to generate use this useful tip and for those that don’t have a product but would like to become one of millions of happy online business owners working part and full time just go to to get started.

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