Self-Publishing: how it makes things better

by brianac

Self-Publishing: how it makes things better

The struggling author is a stereotype that has been used in many plays and shows but the fact remains that it is a stereotype that is true. There have been many great authors who have been pushed into obscurity because of their lack of the right contacts and that they could not reach the right people in the right moment. But those days are gone now and there are great things happening for people who want to get published the best is that you can forget the idea of running after the publishers and get it done by you. Let’s face it; you could kill for that kind of independence.

What is self-publishing?


Self publishing is a form of contract between the sites offering these services and the businesses backing them up with the author through which the author can independently issue and print their own intellectual property and print their media on demand. To the people buying this there is seemingly no change in the cost of the book but the whole thing costs so little that the author can finance the whole ordeal themselves. What incurs is a piece-by-piece publishing of the books and hence the author can deal with it themselves and not have to run to big publishing houses and wait for their approval before getting published.

The sites that offer this

The different specifications of what it takes for the self publishing websites to have you publish your work will be discussed elsewhere but we can tell you here who the ones are giving you this opportunity. We all know the great sites that have been at the forefront of book marketing and they are also the ones who are helping the author self publish their works. There are many but the ones at the beginning are Kindle and Amazon. They are companies providing great self publishing websites as links on their pages along with doing it themselves. Self publishing on kindle is a bit better than on the other sites although that is also at a minimal disadvantage because their process is much smoother. On the front of costs they are all very advantageous.


This is something that is different as well from traditional publishing. In the traditional case you would not have to worry about the marketing or the PR yourself and it would be the problem of the house but here you have to handle it yourself through email and other forms available at your disposal. Also the marketing will also have to be done by you but here you can have some reprieve because you can hire people to do it for you. There are great companies out there who take it upon themselves to spread the word on this great book you have written and before you know it you will be generating the sales that you would want.

All in all this is a great new opportunity for people who want get published but do not have the chance or luxury to wait on the publishing houses because of restraints that they cannot disclose.

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