Reasons to use the new Phat X Ticket Service

by brianac

As an event planner I learned that the key to a successful event was to sell a lot of tickets.  I get hired as a sound/DJ for events and the organizers of the event always expect me to sell tickets for them, because they know that I’m a event planner as well and they figure that I would do to for them.  I most cases I give them a good deal on the sound and they have not contracted me to do the marketing for their event.  One of my divisions of the company is that we are a marketing company and we have a large mailing list, a online membership community and sizable social media presence.    When it is an event they would ask me to sell tickets for their events and I let them know that our company is a for profit corporation that the function of my company is to make a profit.

I want to help people so the Lord gave me a way that we can help other promoters, event planners to sell more tickets for their events.  We formed a ticket outlet like no other called Phat X Tickets(  You are probably are thinking what makes us different? We’ll to start we understand what it takes to organize and produce a successful event.  We are offering our expertise, andover 40 years of event planning that will help you save time and money in producing an event.  Phat X Tickets will offer a media campaign that includes sending out to our e-list, banner ad on our community site, tickets sold on Facebook, added to our Facebook event page, and mentions on our event calendar on our three Internet radio stations.  Phat X Tickets offers to print all your promotional material such as tickets, event flyers, banners, signage, sound, lighting, photographer and videographers.  We are an one-stop event company that if a person needs event staff, street teams, merchant processing for credit payments, web design and hosting.

How does it work

  • Register on Phat X Tickets
  • We will setup your event on our website
  • Send us your promo flyer 700 x 800 px, and 400 x 200 banner in the following formats  jpg., gif, png.  If you don’t have a design, our design team can do it for you at a cost of $40 per hour.
  • We will set up the campaign for you event.

For more details click on the banner below or give us a call at 657-204-6249



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