Online Customer Engagement Means You Need Insight on Your Customers

by brianac

Online Customer Engagement Means You Need Insight on Your Customers
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If you think about it, the customers that have purchased from you are special. You have their money – they liked what you had to say and offer and so they made a purchase. These customers now have their own unique perspective on customer engagement with your company, from finding your company online, to comparing you to the competition, and deciding to buy from you. What happens after that? Your company might reward them, simply re-sell to them, or maybe even ignore them.

The first thing you need to understand is how they see you based on their experience with your company. This means you need to harness the insights †you have on your existing customers and these insights could help you do a much better job of generating sales.

There are numerous ways that you can generate customer insight. However, you should incorporate some of it into the day-to-day operation of your business. Other components can be carried out during key periods throughout the year. It’s a good idea to ask questions around their satisfaction with their purchase, how their online customer experience was, what it was like to deal with your company from an outside perspective, did you meet your customers requirements and expectations, etc.

Here are some ways that you can use to gather this information:
If you don’t have a steady stream of data and prefer to ad-hoc, emailing out a survey works great. For example, once a year, you can send out a large questioning based on your database. It is the most common way to gather insights and it can be done last minute when you feel like things are sliding. However, it is better if you use your email survey to capture insight on your marketing and sales process.

You can gather data from the masses who do nothing on your site using tools like Kampyle or 4Q & these have low commitments. In addition to learning about your customers, it is important that you learn about those who visit and leave without making a purchase.

It is better not ask all the questions at once. You can overwhelm your customers by doing so. Try to build ways to capture relevant data at different stages of the online customer engagement so that you learn about your potential consumer, as they get closer to making their purchase.

Feedback and insights are an important part of understanding your online customer engagement and determining whether it is effective or whether it has weak areas that should be addressed. Make sure that you make use of it.

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