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by brianac

Need a professional Consultant

Dr. Brian Cochran is a professional and considered one of the top micro-business consultants in the country.   With over 30 years of experience, Coach Brian has consulted with over 5,000 business owners saving them millions in professional fees and aided them in reaching their goals.

Brian Cochran Members has access to him and it’s only a phone call…or key stroke…away.


What is your Vision?

Whether you would like to grow, stabilize or sell your business, Brian Cochran Professional Coaching will provide the tools, resources and knowledge base you need.

We work on your business, not in your business by helping you work through your opportunities with:

  • Goals– Personal feedback helps you set meaningful goals
  • Empowerment– Get ideas from members for bettering your business
  • Accountability– Account to other members for goals you set
  • Results– Learn to use systems which force discipline and five impartial benchmarks to measure results.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Phone or web sessions monthly
  • One-on-one consulting monthly
  • Industry specific advice and help
  • Monthly Industry Benefits (workshops, education, member benefits, etc.)
  • Comparison of your numbers and practices to others in the industry
  • We help you turn your business into a salable asset

To increase your chance for success, let us consult with you to explore and evaluate your business and personal goals. We will find a solution tailor made for your needs. 



Here is how we can help:

  • Business Plans and Loan Documentation
  • Funding and loan assistance
  • Company Formations (LLC, Corp, Non-Profit)
  • Crafting long-term and short-term goals
  • Creating budgets/financial/Personal planning
  • Setting prices
  • Identifying your competitors / competitive analysis
  • Collaborating and brainstorming on new products and services
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Identity Branding
  • Minority Certifications
  • Website & Graphic Designing
  • Seminars/workshops
  • Affiliate, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Development

Give me a call for a free consultation 657-204-6249

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