The Maze Runner

by brianac

Went to the movies last night and the movie we watched was called “The Maze Runner.”  What a fantastic movie, but that’s not why I’m talking about this movie, the reason why is because of what I got out of it.  Without telling you the plot or the ending just what I got out of it and how it touched me spiritually.

It took me to a place of where as a believer in Jesus Christ, we are all being tested to go to the next level or chapter in our lives.  Until we pass the test we will not go to the next level.  We will go though various trials and tribulations and how we go through them will give an understanding our to live our lives and ultimately pass the test.  Sometimes we will get to walls that we can’t pass, sometimes we have to turn around and go another way, but it we don’t give up or give in we can go through the maze of life and get to the end.

Sometimes their are friends, family that will cause us to stay in the same place and get comfortable where are are and willing to settle for where we are, but God wants more for and and from us.  We have to see that we can make it and we can do what we are created for and to be. We are destined for greatness and are able to do do great things.  Is the problem to big or go great to challenge and win?  Is what you heard out there stopping you from your blessing and having what you are suppose to have?

When Moses sent out the 12 spies and when they came back 10 said we can’t and 2 said you can. What report will you believe?  You are more than conquerors and what is in you is greater then what ever is trying to keep you from the promise!  Would you rather dye trying or never get into the game?

I could go on and give up to much of the movie, but it is worth seeing and open your eyes for the deeper meaning.

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