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To see every Christ-follower formed, conformed and transformed in the image of Jesus. We are passionate about Jesus and His command to make disciples. We carry out this purpose by producing and providing free biblical discipleship resources aimed at encouraging and equipping Christ-followers around the world


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What Is Knect 2 Discipleship & Evangelism System?

We provide all of our discipleship resources online on this website. We do so based on what the Apostle Paul said, What then is my reward? That in my preaching I may present the gospel free of charge… that I might win more of them (1 Corinthians 9:18-19).
We believe that for a church to be the kind of church Jesus promised to build, the church must be committed to the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, and the four biblical essentials found in Acts 2:42: teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. Everything we do in church or ministry should have discipleship as the ultimate core goal.
Knect 2 Discipleship System can be integrated by any believer, church, or ministry anytime, anywhere. Knect 2 Discipleship System is modeled after Jesus' inner core relationship with Peter, James, and John.

How Jesus Made Disciples

Jesus made disciples by selecting a few into whom He devoted His life - He purposely invested His ministry with just a few everyday, normal people. We must realize that disciples cannot be mass-produced. Much like parenting, discipling is a personal relationship where we intentionally walk alongside a few others in order to encourage, correct, and challenge them in love to grow in Christ-likeness.

What Is Knect 2 Discipleship System?

Knect 2 is a discipleship system is designed for a person to disciple 2 people and make them disciples. Building a relationship with these two will help them connect with the body of Christ, made into disciples and grow to become disciple makers as fishers of men.
We as Christians are commanded to make disciples and in most cases we don't. Jesus will return and we are to be working while it is still day. This work is being fishers of men and catching fish (men). There is many ways to fish for men and what we have done is compiled a way for you to personally evangelize and then they need to be discipled. Because you are the one that brought them to Christ and built a relationship with them then you should and must disciple them. When the person that won them takes the time to disciple them as well helps build a healthier church and keeps the disciple connected, which is where we got the name Knect 2.

It starts with you!

If you just evangelize until you get two people to give their lives to the Lord Jesus and He becomes their savior and then take the time to make them a disciple. You will be storing treasures in Heaven and Jesus will say on that great day "well done you faithful servant enter into my rest."

There is three major parts to the system

  • Church & Pastor Development- Preparation for the harvest.
  • Personal Evangelism- How to be a witness of Jesus Christ .
  • Discipleship- The process of helping, and teaching a person to follow Christ.

1. The Church

Most pastors want what they see on TV- a mega church, not understanding what it took for those other churches to get there. When we make true disciples and keep parishioners connected, this will grow a church.
I have developed a book called “Strategies & Insights for Church Growth” and this first part of the system is designed to help Church leaders to get ready for the harvest. In most cases it’s not catching the fish, but keeping what you catch. “Strategies & Insights for Church Growth” teaches leaders how to develop systems for evangelism and outreach and how to assimilate those participants into your church.
Knect 2 also has been developed to work as a Small Group. Developing CORE leaders to build relationships through small groups and help pastors prepare for growth. Within small groups, parishioners are able to get questions answered and again Knect. Knect 2 help you to start a Knect 2 Small group, and what does it look like? I have written a book that will walk you through how to develop a system, build Core leaders and how to use the Knect 2 System to build a healthy church.

2. Personal Evangelism

Jesus was the King of Evangelism and he connected with people one on one. People follow people they “Knect” to and through this powerful system they will and do that very thing. When Jesus started His ministry, He didn’t produce a crusade, hold a revival, and advertise on TV or Radio.

It started with Personal Evangelism!

Going Back to the Basics- We have designed various courses to help you to learn how to evangelize personally and as a church. Statistics show that when a person is not connected with others they leave. We generally trust someone that we are in a relationship with, and as such through personal relationships (evangelism) sharing our testimony, answering basic biblical questions and staying connected is one of the biggest keys to seeking and saving which that is lost.

We have a manual called “Personal Evangelism Made Easy” that is a step-by-step manual guiding disciples how to be fishers of men.
First starting with understanding what evangelism is and is not, to leading someone to Christ. Personal Evangelism Made Easy has within it a study of getting over the fear, useful conversational startup scripts, and more.

Understand the Knect 2 Discipleship System is again designed for:
• Parishioners to become Fisher of men, then to disciple only 2(two) believers at a time period.

• Pastors, learn the Knect 2 System, train your Core leaders to disciple 2(two) people, and lead a Small Group and this system.

3. Discipleship

Once a person has come into the Body of Christ they need discipleship. The Knect 2 system is designed for you to lead them through the system with the various resources that we have developed. Just like “AA” Alcoholics Anonymous, each person is assigned a sponsor, someone that will help them with their walk, we to in the church need someone we can lean on and will help us to grow in our faith. Connecting with people as a new Christian will help them stay and Knect.

Have you ever heard of network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)? We’ll if you haven’t, it is a business term for team building and leveraging your team to accomplish a goal, which it to have others help you to make a living. Most people maybe don’t realize that MLM started with Jesus! He started with a couple men, discipled them, and sent them out to do the same. Jesus built an army of disciples with a couple men!

Our book “Strategies & Insights for Church Growth” helps you to develop your own methodology, and system. Discipleship is the core of Christianity and must be a part of your organization. Knect 2 system helps you to make disciples and mature them.


The Knect 2 System is available for you to (DYI) do it yourself or we can come to train you and help you set up this anointed system. We also have a School of Ministry in Ontario, Ca. as well as these courses are offered online for you convenience.

The Knect 2 System has 8 (eight) essentials to the system, that includes books, manuals, bible studies and a flash drive full of powerful resources. Each essential has a part to play in building a growing church. The Knect 2 system has how to’s, and strategies, that will help you and your members become an anointed army for Christ.

The following is the order that you as a pastor should use this powerful system:

The following is the order that you as a pastor should use this powerful system:

1. Strategies & Insights for Church Growth-

Getting you and your church ready

2. Personal Evangelism Made Easy-

How to become “Fishers of Men”

3. Discipleship

Once they have been caught

4. Small Group Ministry-

Maturing in Christ

5. Be an Anointed Christian-

Empowered for Service

6. Thriving as a leader-

Developing Core leaders

7. First Impressions-

Developing your facility and the various ministries.

8. Training-

My team and I are available to come to your facility and help you to work our anointed system

If you would like to bring The Knect 2 System to your church click below

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  • September 4, 2018

    I believe that the great commission is the main calling for all Christians. I would like to create, maintain and see a structured and systematic evangelism and discipleship system working in Kenya, Africa and the world. I think you might be the one to contribute this system to us. Sincerely I pray that God will use you for the world.

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