Don’t forget you are a pastor!

by brianac

There is a great story in the Bible that talks two sisters Mary and Martha, which most of ous should know that story so I will not go into the story but give a warning Bishops and Apostles about you as a not being so busy in your office as a Bishop or Apostles, if you pastor a local church not to forget about you still pastor your congregation.  I had an Apostle be so busy as an overseer of his churches that he’s there bishop that one of his leaders was having a major problem and need his pastor and not an Apostle.

We tend to not see thr forest for the trees, in this situation the Apostle was so busy being a Martha that he forgot that he needed to make sure that he tended to his flock.  The challenge that Bishop’s and Apostles often face, more than 70% of them are more Bishop’s and Apostles first and pastor second.  It’s just like if a pastor is married and his church comes first before his family and wife.  Your call as a Bishop and Apostle must not come first before you job as a pastor.

Either you should raise up an AAron (assistant pastor) that has authority and your people will eat out of their hands, so that you can deligate your pastoral role to him/her.  Don’t be in fear to give someone authority to help you.  You are the senior pastor over the church and placing someone to aid you is a good and God thing.

Something has to give

If you don’t have or get an assistant, something will come up short.  Either your church is going to suffer because your heart is on doing the work as an Bishop or Apostle.  You will not have the time or energy to do both. I know what you are thinking, God called me, and has anointed me to do both.  Maybe so, but even Moses got help, better yet Jesus got help and He is God.  Please don’t be prideful and selfish to think that you are operating both successfully.  More Bishop’s and Apostles fail as a pastor because they are more excited about being those and it takes less work in most cases.

It Takes Team Work…

The problem with our orginal Apostle was

  1. Not having a assistant that was running the day to day operation
  2. Was not intuned with his flock
  3. So busy with being an Bishop and Apostle overseeing pastors and churches and lost track with his local church.

There is no “i” in team and having a team in place to help with sheperding his flock would have helped with the problem at his local church.  CEO of companies in most cases do not do the day to day of their business, they inlist a team.  As stated earlier, Jesus empowered His 12 disciples to aid Him in ministry.  You need to do the same.  Don’t forget you are a pastor first and an Bishop and Apostle if you have a church.

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