How To Craft An Effective Landing Page

by brianac

How To Craft An Effective Landing Page

A landing page acts as the page that a first-time visitor sees when they arrive at your site. These pages act as the new direct marketing. Before we embark on the creation of appealing landing pages, it is necessary we first understand why they are important. A huge part of marketing is based on where you send traffic.
Importance of landing page

1. It is the page that a visitor clicks to go to another page

2. It gets a visitor to buy a product or service

3. It is the page that lets a visitor tell their friends about.

4. It is the page lets the visitor comment or give you some form of feedback.

5. It is the place that gets a visitor permission for you to follow up by the use of email or phone.
What makes a good landing page.
An effective page is defined by the following.

1. They are composed of engaging headlines

2. They are simple with very specific language

3. They have benefits before features

4. They are clear with compelling proof

5. They clearly express calls to action

6. They have confident guarantees

How to make better landing pages

Crafting an effective and resourceful landing page lays the foundation of any successful online marketing. A landing page should always be flawless, highly persuasive and grab the full attention of the visitors in order to compel them to complete a conversion.
Tips to Making Effective Landing Pages.

1. Limit Navigation

Once you have brought your targeted traffic to the page, do not distract them with unnecessary navigation. Limit the number of the exits from the landing page in order to make your visitors focused on filling out the form.

2. Deliver Value

In the case that you have and unique and valuable offer, your visitors are going to give out to you their contact information in the exchange of the offer. Make sure that your offer is compelling to the audience and that your landing page demonstrates that values.

3. Keep it short

Of your landing page is long, you are going to add more friction to the lead conversion process. Keep your lead short, simple and straightforward and you will increase the conversion rate.

4. Clean and Organized Design

The look, the feel and the overall structure of your landing page design will have a huge influence on the effectiveness of the page, and this will determine how well it drives the conversion. Make smart use of the color with the incorporation of eye-catching images.
5. Make use of Headers to Broadcast Offer Value

A good page should have a strong offer and must be able to give an explanation as to why the offer is valuable in very clear and concise terms. The header and the sub-headlines must provide key opportunities to promote the value of the offer.

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