Does Your Content Need More Personality?

by brianac

Does Your Content Need More Personality?

We all know that there is a need for relevant and targeted content for your audience. But do we have to stick to the corporate image or can we show who we are personally and perhaps even add some humor. That depends. Many companies tend to play it safe and show no personality while others are much lighter and share more of the personality of those responsible for their posts as long as it aligns with their tone of voice and brand. Once content is shared, it never goes away so before you post it is important to know your market. Then you can decide if your content could use some personality.

The Top Emotions We Invoice In Social Media Content
Buzzsumo analyzed more than 10,000 of the most shareable articles for topic and tone. What they found is that the top three emotions invoked were laughter, awe, and amusement.

When you publish for content marketing, it engages a psychological contract, which is why it is so important for you to comprehend how you can call upon the correct emotions to make the online connection a positive one. We understand that people sometimes become angry and this can cause damage to your brand, which in turn can cause a loss of sales. But can we still be controversial if we are not being political or personal?

It is important to balance engaging, positive content that is sharable & there is no question that this can be a challenge. Although is some market sectors like B2B it can be easier. The question becomes should you play it safe or should you take the chance and push your boundaries by including content that is entertaining and thought provoking and that may not be agreed upon by all.

According to the experts the benefits of sharing entertaining positive content far exceed the risks (at least in most cases) because it is this kind of content that is likely to be shared for its value. Your visitors are likely to share this type of content with others who may not be currently following you and this can lead to a growth in followers and potential customers. An interesting topic can be an excellent ice breaker, and when you add a little personality it can take you from zero to one hundred in no time ñ at least when it comes to sharing your content and that’s the goal here right?

It’s important to not be worried about showing personality but rather to ensure you have set boundaries around that personality so none of your followers or visitors are negatively affected and you do not negatively affect your brand.

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