Christmas Online Shopping with a cause

by brianac

We have been working real hard to finish away todo what I’ve dreamed to do.  For the last 12 years almost full time working on a way to help others and myself at the same time.  There is a term in the business world coined by Robert Kiyosaki called “leverage.” In simple terms it means help others to generate income at the same time it helps you.  Leveraging people is what he and many others do to be successful.

Working with churches and non-profits I’ve found that they have a hard time generating funds to operate the business and help the community that they serve.  Fundraising is a difficult task and many fail and go under for the lack of being able to.  I like the principle of Network Marketing and have been apart for along time.  I would get involved only to be pushed to build team instead of selling a product that works or I enjoy.  Non-profits and churches get involved with them looking for the next best thing that will give them the cashflow need and in most cases don’t last  because of many reasons.  One in particular is that a business is only as good as the product or service.  Most direct companies base their business module on memberships and not products.  Again that’s why they mostly go under!

To me one of the best ever is Amway, (I’m not in it just to let you know), but they built their company on the product that worked.  The people joined to use the product and the by-product was they joined to sell. There is an old drug world expression “Get high on your own supply,” basically use the product that you sell.  People get behind something they use and word of mouth takes off.  Which is the best way of advertising a product or service.  It’s when your friend tells you about a restaurant that you go or a good auto mechanic.

So for the last 12 years I have been working on finding products and services that I use and can share with others for them to us and also make money.  I’ve been an entrepreneur all most all my life and with God’s direction and perseverance finished it. The site is called “” and we developed it to be like warehouse membership clubs like COSCO “where membership has it’s benefits.”  We have develop an online membership store that members receive discounts, members only deals and cash-back monthly and yearly.

One of the main benefits to new inventors, designer, musicians and so on is a outlet to sell their products and services to our membership and beyond. Startups have a tough time generating sales and our program will help them to generate sales and branding all at the same time.  It is also another way to help someone else to make it.

We are in Beta till the first of the year and we will start our entrepreneurship training program for nonprofits and churches  called B A Mogul and Youth Mogul.  These free programs will help those that are unemployed, or working poor to generate an income and/or living to start their own online retail business.  Every participating location will receive overrides and commissions on sales.   B A Mogul and Youth Mogul programs will help to change a community one person at a time.


So in this holiday season shopping at will help us to keep this program free to the churches and nonprofits and mostly to the participants.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Brian Cochran



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