Are you constantly head down working IN your business—but when you look up you are NOT as far as you thought?

59% of small businesses, like yourself, say it’s harder to run a business today than 5 years ago. Balancing time and customers can tear your day apart. And if you miss step there are hundreds of hungry competitors lying in wait.

Now is the time. Put an integrated all-inclusive approach, based-on The Brian Cochran Method™, to work for you today!

Working with a Brian Cochran Growth Strategist, you will:

  • Identify the “Constraining Factors” impacting you and your organization
  • Develop a “Strategic Growth Plan” that acts as your blueprint for future growth and success
  • Access comprehensive education-based marketing strategies and techniques to create new opportunities and set yourself apart in the market
  • Refine your “Essential Strategic Position” and differentiate your business as a strategic resource to your target prospects and clients and not just another competitor
  • Build a dynamic “Best Buyer” Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Get true, always powerful, leadership development – learn the difference between strategic vs. tactical
  • So much more!

Package Includes:

  • Foundational 1-2 hour SWOT Analysis
  •  1-2 hour “Growth Plan Strategy Session”
  • SGP Growth Plan Guide – Your foundation for future growth and success

Additional Value Added Tools (Webinar ONLY):

  • Time Management Secrets for Millionaires – $150 Value
  • Brian Cochran Best Hour of Fundamentals – $300 Value
  • Copy of “Now that I started my business, What’s Next?” or for churches “Strategies and Insights for Church Growth” by Brian Cochran

Special Webinar ONLY Price
(3 payments of $193.00)


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