The Brian Cochran Professional Business Coaches Course

Business Consultant Course is a 5 week online course.

In a nutshell, you only have a few options for your training and support structure:

  1. Do it alone. Of course, you will limit yourself to your own knowledge and skills, and you will not have the training and support of a community of other coaching peers. But it’s cheap!
  2. Join a franchise. You will spend tens (and eventually hundreds) of thousands of dollars for training and support that you can get elsewhere for less investment – for a professional service business! (Hint: name ONE proven professional services franchise… accountants? lawyers? doctors?) Expensive and unproven is a tough way to go!
  3. Enroll for training elsewhere. You can certainly receive training from “certified” organizations who train all kinds of coaches – life coaches, personal coaches, executive coaches, ADD coaches… ad infinitum. But you want to be a world class business coach…
  4. Join the Brian Cochran Business Consultants and take my course!

Very Affordable

The alliance is a collaborative, cooperative venture of like-minded business professionals who are passionate about the success of small to medium sized business owners. Administrative costs are kept at a minimum. Training, education, research and development, etc., are performed by the member coaches alongside of the Brian Cochran Business Consultants. Not only does this reduce costs but we are able to leverage the incredible base of knowledge these extraordinary member coaches so unselfishly share.

Small Business Focused

Although there are literally hundreds of training organizations available, we are the ONLY organization that is focused solely on small to medium business coaching. Our business tools are simply unparalleled.

What You Get

  • Six day on-line training session – You will also receive all training materials and materials for meeting with clients.
  • Marketing Support – Take our “Jumpstart” program at no additional cost to you to help you get your business humming!
  • Extensive Digital  library of  tools – In the members’ area there are currently over 100 tools to help your clients with marketing, sales, human resources, customer service, leadership, financial management, systemization, increasing gross profits, decreasing fixed costs, strategic planning, and succession/exit strategy planning, and more.
  • Continuing education – We have member calls each week on various topics that are designed to further assist you.
  • Buddy Coach – On completion of training, you will be paired with a “buddy” from your class who will help you stay on-track.
  • Variety of Products and Services – You will have the most complete toolkit of products and services in the industry, which you are free to customize and use as you wish with your own clients. These include:
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Group Training
  • Business Evaluation Tools (including operational, industry benchmarking, bankability, business valuation, cash flow maximization … and more!)
  • Behavioral Evaluation
  • E-learning programs
  • Workshops and Seminars

 Tuition $150

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