Dr. Brian and Vernell Cochran

Since 1976, Brian Cochran been a business owner. For the last 30 years he has worked in all aspects of business from start-up, management, employer, marketing, purchasing, inventory and being an entrepreneur. Brian learned there was a need of social services and economic development for the at-risk in the Inland Empire. He formed BA Mogul a for-profit business providing training in various youth and adult projects.

Projects Such as: The Vault, A youth & adult outreach center for the inner city residents of Pomona.  The Vault, Yesteryears, and Lucier’s Restaurant, was turned them into a nightclubs and a training centers, providing training in entrepreneurship specializing in careers in entertainment, leadership, marketing, basic life skills, management skills, customer service and more.  These programs continued until he moved to the Imperial Valley, In 1996.

In the 30+ years of service for youth and adults, he has coordinated workshops, summits, conferences, retreats, as well as partnering with many different profit, non-profit, faith based organizations and social services. As an entertainment company he has produced concerts, fashion shows, plays, theme nights and organized a business network called Biz Help 101, a network partnering with various local businesses.

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