8 Tips on how to make your Bar, Nightclub, or Restaurant a success

by brianac

8 Tips on how to make your Bar, Nightclub, or Restaurant a success

8 Tips on how to make your Bar, Nightclub, or Restaurant a success


  1.  Management for a bar, nightclub, and restaurant has drastically changed in the past few years.
  • You need to build a team of the most competent and popular people.  A supermodel bartender that has two good friends does not compare to a good-looking bartender that has 100 friends!
  • Make sure your place has free WiFi. Why you ask?  Every person on this planet sends text messages to their friends.  Make it easy for them to text their friends so they can invite them to meet at you establishment.
  • Did you know that over 90% of your staff will either steal money from you or give away free drinks/food?  Discourage this practice by giving them a daily free drink giveaway to the most popular clients to encourage them to come back.
  1.  Staff needs to be social butterflies.
  • It makes your patrons happy
  • It also helps to spread the word about your place to all of their Facebook followers
  • If you found your 3 golden Staff people and can only hire one, then choose the one that has five thousand face book friends.
  1.  Bar needs to have a great selection and innovative drink selections.
  • Designing drinks that can only be found in your business will help you to stand out.
  • People (Customers) are visual, so making your beverages stand out will help drink sales.
  • Develop a printed bar menu with lots of pictures.


  1. Social Followers or lack of will greatly influence your success.
  • Tweet, Tweet, and Tweet some more.  It’s free and gets the word out
  • Facebook is a must!
  • You need a Blog. It puts your place out on the Internet where prospective patrons can easily find your business.
  • Develop an Internet App that offers discounts, loyalty programs, and other relational thinks that helps build relationships. Today, Apps are how many people find out information, books tickets, look make reservations, so don’t miss out on the BIG opportunity.
  1. Lower Risk by using having an exit plan for customers that get drunk
  • Not letting customers go home drunk, cut them off sooner so that you lower risk of DUI’s, accidents, fights and so on.
  • Help your customers leave your establishment by offering something that will aid them in thinking clearly and sober up, and we have that solution called Forgiven. Forgiven is a clinically proven, FDA approved and patented product on the market that will help your customer to lower their alcohol level out of their system and replace the nutrients that is lost in their liver. For more details go to GoHomeSober.com
  1. Atmosphere is key to return customers


  • There is a great show on cable TV called Bar Rescue and this show is a perfect teaching tool to understand the importance of creating a great atmosphere.
  • The reason Disneyland is so successful is because they have created an almost second to none atmosphere.
  • This is probably the biggest thing that you can do is, make sure you have clean, beautiful ladies restrooms. You maybe thinking restroom, yes, restrooms. Women identify the cleanness of your establishment by how your restrooms look and cleanness. My wife and mother will not want to use the restroom if the restroom is dirty or kept up, instead they would want to leave early because they wouldn’t be able to hold it all-night. So by not keeping the restrooms sanitary and or look good causes them to leave instead of staying and spending money.
  1. Develop a loyalty program
  • Large change bars, restaurants and nightclubs offer promotional programs that create customer loyalty.
  • Offer something that your competition is not.
  • Loyalty also comes from great customer experience and customer service.


  1. Out do your competition
  • Spy out the competition and make a better mousetrap
  • Stay ahead of your competition by either being ahead of the trend or be a trendsetter


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